Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mini Caprese Cups

I'm sorry for sending two savoury posts in a row. And another one to come soon. Actually, I'm really not sorry. Because this is so fantastic, I might just quit sweet stuff altogether. No, no I won't. Heaven forbid.

I think I've said all too many times how much I love mozzarella cheese. See here, here and here. Recipes that are chock full of melty, stringy mozzarella cheese.

Yesterday was a moody day. The idea for this recipe actually came in the middle of biology. Well, who knows how deoxyribose sugars and phosphodiester bonds are related to prosciutto, mozzarella and tomatoes?

Perhaps because we draw the phosphoric acid as ℗ and tomatoes are round as well. Perhaps because the pentose is a pentagon and that kind of looked like a cup made of prosciutto (UHHHHH). Perhaps because the image of a badly prepared sample of plasmids (yes, my badly prepared sample) made me think of melty mozzarella.

That kind of nonsense. Well. That's the kind of nonsense that happens on a friday. Yay =D

Still, that doesn't change the fact that the idea was definitely a fantastic idea. Oh yea, the moment it came to me, I knew I had to make it. No excuses. And since you're reading this, you have to make it too. No excuses.

It's simple really. Just press prosciutto or parma ham (even bacon would work) into a mini muffin tin. Toss in a halved cherry tomato and topped that with fresh mozzarella cut in cubes and some chopped basil. If you don't have a mini muffin tin, a regular muffin tin would work too. It just means wayyy more ooey gooey cheesy caprese cups for you ^^

Unlike the prosciutto wrapped mozzarella I made last time, you don't have to worry about this melting into a gooey puddle, because there's no room for it to melt! They come out of the oven perfect. The prosciutto will be slightly crisp and browned on top. The mozzarella will have melted into a perfect melty, gooey, stringly mess.

Just wait for a while before you pull these out of the tin and start stuffing your face. You really don't want to burn yourself. And as with all stringy, gooey melting bites, you can't just eat it whole, even if it's so small. First, you have to pull it apart, to see that perfectly gooey inside. Then okay, if you want to pop the whole thing into your mouth, I forgive you. But definitely, the best way is to take a small bite and streeeeeeettttccccchhhhhhh the cheese. Then you can finish it.

That's my obsession with mozzarella. It's so fun to eat, don't you think?

(makes 10 mini caprese cups)
150g fresh mozzarella, liquid drained off (or regular mozzarella will work as well)
2 tbsp basil

5 cherry tomatoes

5 slices of prosciutto

1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Cube mozzarella into small pieces. Chop basil roughly. Slice cherry tomatoes in half. And finally, cut each slice of prosciutto in half breath-wise to get an almost square piece.

2. Press prosciutto slices into a mini muffin tin.

3. Place a cherry tomato half into the prosciutto cup.

4. Toss the mozzarella and basil together.

5. Fill prosciutto cups to the brim.

6. Bake for 8-10 minutes, until completely melted.

7. Serve right from the oven!


  1. These look delicious. I have a link party called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop and would love to have you share this and any other posts with everyone. It runs from Tuesday night through midnight Sunday. Here is the link to the party.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

  2. thank you! i would love to. thanks for hosting the party =)

  3. These little prosciutto cups look very tasty! I love that the prosciutto make such a good cup! I think my husband will really like these. Thanks for sharing.

    1. They do indeed! Let me know how it turns out =)



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