Sunday, February 17, 2013

Breakfast Sunday VII and a yoghurt pop recipe

Sometimes things are so overwhelming and so tiring you just feel like breaking down.

This week was ridiculously tiring. And I can't even explain why. Yesterday was pretty much a breaking point. I really felt like I was going to cry during training. Ever felt like that? It made me question why I was even bothering to put in so much effort into training, into judo, when I probably wouldn't get anything out of it. To make matters worse, yesterday's training convinced me I wouldn't be able to win this year's national school's competition.

The new IJF rules... the competitions... the schoolwork... the responsibilities... All of it really felt like it was weighing me down. What I really wanted was to escape and hide in my kitchen and just bake and cook my time away. I feel like a let down.

In times like this, all you really need is someone to talk to, someone who will listen and show that they care. And I'm really thankful that I have someone like that in my life.

Setbacks and obstacles aren't going to stop me.

The breakfasts of this week~

11th February 2013: Rolled Oats with Rendang

We had a family gathering for Chinese New Year that day and my dad made rendang so I thought why not top some oats with it? Haha I know right, rendang for Chinese New Year. It's like eating pineapple tarts for Christmas.

12nd February 2013: Almond Spread Swirled Polenta Squares

There's no story. I let them sit too long and they turned solid.

13th February 2013: The healthiest banana oat cookies on the planet

14th February 2013: Cream cheese scrambled eggs

Valentine's day. And you know why the lighting is kind of bad? Because I had school, on Valentine's Day. Sad life.

15th February 2013: Fluffy egg white oats with blueberries

16th February 2013: Baked Wholewheat Pancakes with Red Velvet Cream Cheese Rum Ball Bits

Long long long name. I'm using a left over valentine's treat for these.

17th January 2013: Mango and Peach Yoghurt Mini Pops

Plain or vanilla yoghurt
Peaches, chopped into small bits
Mango, chopped into small bits
Honey, to taste

Combine and freeze in silicon baking molds for 2 to 3 hours, or until solid.

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