Friday, November 23, 2012

Earl Grey Cookies, super healthy, super tasty

Whee~ there's a friend coming over today! Well, one of my mother's friends. Apparently she's won't be eating dinner even though she's coming over at 7.30pm, I guess without eating dinner :O Why? Apparently because she's on a diet!

I will never understand people who skip meals on the reason that they are dieting. Isn't that the hardest thing to do? Especially skipping dinner. My stomach would be roaring for food, and I wouldn't be able to sleep because I'm hungry. Anyway, today, I'm making dinner, so it's going to be really healthy.

Baked chicken cutlets
Roasted butternut squash
Boiled broccoli
Earl grey cookies


Instead of using whole milk, I'm using skim milk. This reduces the fat content and the calories. Of course, it's thinner than whole milk and not as fragrant, but the fragrance of the earl grey tea leaves makes up for that.

Some of the butter is replaced with yoghurt. (3/4 cup of butter replaced with 3/8 cup of yoghurt. Yoghurt is more watery than butter, hence a smaller volume is used.) Obviously, this decreases the amount of fat and the number of calories drastically.

I know I sound like I'm advocating for low fat diets, but no, I definitely am NOT. Why am I replacing the ingredients with lower fat ones then? First of all, most of us consume way too much fat in our diet, even without cookies and cakes and whatnot. So if I'm going to have a treat like this, I better not have too much fat in it. No fat is not good. Too much fat is not good either. What you need to do is choose healthy fats, in the right amounts.

You do know why wholemeal flour is better than plain flour, right?

Xylitol. This is a NATURAL sweetener, with very little calories and a low Glycemic Index(click to read about it). I absolutely do not encourage using artificial sweeteners. Of course, if you really don't want to use it, you could replace it with honey or brown sugar or any other sweetener.

Of course it can be healthy.

After all that modifications, you're going to question the taste of these earl grey cookies. Don't. They're just as good as if they're made with the normal ingredients. The fragrance of the earl grey really covers up the lack of whole milk and butter. And the honey adds a sweet, aromatic touch to the cookies.

Let me add, the smell was amazing when I opened the oven door.

50ml skim milk
2 earl grey tea bags

3/8 cup butter
75g Xylitol (replace with sugar, same weight, if desired)
2/8 cup plain yoghurt
1 tbsp honey
1 egg yolk

260g wholemeal flour, sieved

1. Cut the tea bags and grind the tea leaves into tiny bits(if they aren't already).

2. Place tea leaves into the skim milk and bring to a boil. Then, turn off the heat and leave it to cool.

3. Cream butter and xylitol, then whisk in yoghurt, honey and egg yolk.

4. Whisk in milk and tea leaves. Fold in oat flour.

5. Roll into a log, or a 3D rectangle and wrap with cling wrap. Chill for about 30 minutes.

6. Cut into 1 cm thick slices and places 1 inch apart on a baking sheet.

7. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 15-18 minutes, until golden brown.


  1. These look delightful! Just a quick question-- what are the texture of the cookies? They look like shortbread (hence crunchy)?

    1. Hi Elaine! The cookies don't have a lot of butter so they don't feel anything like shortbread. They're actually chewy cookies

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  3. Out of curiosity, do you think it would be possible to roll these out and use a cookie cutter to shape them?




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